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Sailing tour in Tuscany
Sunset Sailboats

Sailing Tour

  • 7 Days/6 Nights

  • Tour Type: Enjoy

  • Price from: $4150 full boat

Sailing Italy > Tuscany > Enjoy Mediterranean Sea

Enjoy Sailing in the Mediterranean Sea

During this adventurous and relaxing week together in the Tuscan archipelago we will go to discover the most famous islands of Tuscany such as Elba, Corsica and Capraia. During our journey we will visit some more characteristic coves, where we will find a crystalline sea with a backdrop full of different colors. Of course you will not miss the opportunity to snorkel in this paradise. In the evening, after a beautiful day at the beach, you cannot miss the Italian food and wine tradition, good food, which the skipper will cook for you, and delicious wine. There will be opportunities to go ashore to taste the typical dishes in the restaurants of the islands. What are you waiting for to enjoy a divine experience in the Tuscan Islands.

Sailing tour in Tuscany
Sailing tour in Tuscany
Sailing tour in Italy
Outboard motor dinghy
Holiday in Tuscany with Friends
Aperitive in Tuscany
Sailing tour in Tuscany
Sailing tour in Italy
Aperitive in a Tuscan sailing tour

Sailing Tour Itinerary

Day 1:

All aboard for departure! The first day the appointment is at the port of Livorno, at our Sailing Club. Boarding starts every Saturday from 18:00. Livorno is a welcoming city, very picturesque, made of ancient history, where the Medici family built the first port from which the city evolved and expanded over the centuries to come. Once you arrive, you can embark to arrange your suitcases comfortably and then you can organize the purchase of groceries on board. The Conad supermarket, very close, home delivery, you can then order and have your shopping brought on board. The first evening it will be very nice to be able to visit the city taking advantage of an aperitif or a dinner in one of the many characteristic places of the port, the center and the seafront. ​ Pick-up location: Pisa International Airport

Day 2:

Sunday morning is the time of departure and the beginning of the cruise week. After breakfast, we will leave the moorings of the port of Livorno with the bow directed towards the island of Capraia in the Tuscan Archipelago. The distance is about thirty miles which we will cover in about four hours of navigation. If we are lucky, the land breeze in the morning and the mistral wind in the morning will allow us to hoist the sails to sail in silence. The departure from Livorno is scheduled for nine in the morning, to arrive around lunchtime in Capraia. Upon our arrival we anchor, as usual, in Cala della Mortola. The anchorage is very beautiful and wild. La Mortola is a small cove with a pebble beach and the sea water is emerald turquoise. We will have lunch there and after several baths, in the late afternoon we begin to sail to reach the harbor of Capraia in about half an hour. We will stay overnight in front of the port or moored on the quay. Surely there will be the opportunity to go ashore to visit the town and the port and to take advantage of an aperitif or an excellent dinner based on native pitch at the Garitta under the castle walls with a breathtaking panoramic view. ​

Day 3:

Monday morning after breakfast we start sailing towards Corsica. The ancient Greeks, who by nature and culture were great aesthetes, knew about beautiful things. It is no coincidence that they baptized Corsica with the name of Kalliste, which is the most beautiful. This says a lot about the beauty of the island and in particular of northern Corsica which is one of the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean, between medieval villages, boundless white beaches, turquoise waters, all located in a wild natural and landscape context with a low density of population and tourist. The context is very wild. The turquoise water will invite you to a prolonged bath, taking advantage of the heat of the sun and the mild temperature of the sea. Lunch in this scenario will have a unique flavor. Imagine yourself on board with this landscape in front of you. It will be a simple but luxurious lunch for the context that surrounds you. After an idle afternoon rest, we will set sail in the late afternoon to circumnavigate the north finger, passing between the coast and the island of Giraglia, famous both for its history and for one of the most important European sailing regattas. Turning the north head we will be able to glimpse the gulf of the most suggestive and introspective place you have ever been able to observe, Centuri, the small fishing village with the most ancestral history in the world. It will be our anchor for the night. Being located to the west you will be able to see a sunset that you will remember for a long time.

Day 4:

Tuesday morning after the usual awakening and a good breakfast of Italian coffee and French baguet, we head towards the plage de la Saleccia north-west of the picturesque village of Saint Florent. The distance between Centuri and La Saleccia is about 15 miles so the navigation will take about two hours. The stretch of sea that we will sail is famous for fishing as it is an area of ​​continuous passage of tuna, amberjacks and blue fish in general. We take advantage, with the onboard tow rod, to unroll the reel line, hoping that during the crossing a fish can bite, to give us a sublime lunch. The area is beaten by the summer breeze of the mistral from the early hours of the morning. We hoist the sails, we throw the line into the sea and while we wait we begin to sail and relax on the deck, taking advantage of the warm sun and a bright light. Peace and silence will accompany us until our arrival. Once you reach the Saleccia beach around noon, the scenery that will appear to you will be truly enchanting. White beach and turquoise water, in which the shadow of everything is reflected, including the shell of the boat. Behind the beach, a landscape characterized by Mediterranean pine forest bordering the granite rock mountains of the Argiante desert. A scenario that makes you feel suspended, like in a soap bubble. The colors, reflections, scents of the scrub and juniper are breathed in the air, making us understand how often we forget that we belong to this wonderful land. After swimming, we set sail for Saint Florent where we will spend the night at anchor or in port.

Day 5:

Wednesday morning we start sailing a little earlier than usual. The day will be dedicated to sailing towards Calvì, with a stop for lunch in the beautiful bay of Peraiola, where the Ostriconi river flows. The bend is characterized by a long white beach, uncrowded and very wild. It can be reached easily by sea but not by land. For this reason, even in the height of summer it is never crowded with people or boats. The side dish is very fascinating. The mountains of orange granite, which slope down to the sea, have formed due to the erosion of white beach dunes, which contrast with the turquoise of the sea. The stop is very pleasant and is located just halfway between Saint Florane and Calvì. We will arrive around noon and until four we will have plenty of time to have lunch, swim, go down to the beach to visit the dunes and the river estuary. At four we set sail and head towards Calvì where we will arrive around seven in the evening. An ideal time to enjoy the beautiful sunset that falls behind the town's fortress. Calvì is the most representative town and destination of international tourism. Famous for its charm and its "Calvi on the Rocks" festival, a summer festival that takes place every year in Corsica focused on presenting the talents of electronic music and which also includes elements of hip-hop, soul, funk and much more, it is characterized by its fortress built in 1268 by the Republic of Genoa, after the destruction of the Vandals and the Saracens. In the evening the center comes alive and all the cafes, bars and restaurants open, enlivening the evening and nightlife even more.

Day 6:

We start sailing immediately after breakfast at Calvì's. We are in the middle of the week and it is time to start going back towards Capo Corso, making the first stop fifteen miles from Calvi, in the beautiful bay of Acciolu. In addition to being technical, for me, to start organizing the return, it is also very fascinating. A small white beach with turquoise water is never lacking in this area. Arrived around twelve, we have enough time for several baths, a lunch in total relaxation and a descent to earth to visit this paradise. Around four in the afternoon we begin to sail towards Centuri at Capo Corso. It is the only slightly longer navigation so far. It is about twenty miles that we will cover in three and a half hours, four, to get to the cape, around eight in the evening. We have dinner in Centuri and around midnight when you are all sleeping, I anchor with the bow towards the island of Capraia. Having to be late Friday afternoon in Livorno, this nocturnal navigation will be necessary in order not to make a whole tirade up to Livorno on Friday. It will therefore be an opportunity for those who love to sail at night to learn new notions and experience a very romantic moment of navigation. In addition, arriving in Capraia in the morning at dawn, we will have the whole Friday morning to use for breakfast, swimming and an excursion to Cala Rossa.

Day 7:

Capraia before returning to Livorno Friday we are in Cala Rossa. The night sailing will have lasted five hours. It seems impossible, but if the crossing has been windless, the noise of the engine will have acted as a sleeping pill. Its noise is like a chant and after a while you listen to it it has an incredible sleeping effect. Slowly your ears will get used to that apparently annoying noise that gradually becomes harmonious and will help you fall asleep. You will try this experience and you will agree with me! At dawn we are in Capraia, I will go into my cabin to fall asleep a little. As soon as you wake up in the morning you will find yourself in Cala Rossa. The most representative cove of Capraia. You will have time for numerous baths, a shore excursion, and at half past twelve we leave for Livorno. We will arrive in Livorno around half past six, before the petrol station closes to fill up again. We will do lunch by sailing. Drop off to Pisa International Airport

What is included and Details


  • The Sailing boat.

  • Comfort pack:  outboard motor dinghy, sheets, pillowcases, towels, laundry, camping gas, final cleaning.

  • Pick up : Pisa Internation Airport or train station to pier where you are going to go up on the boat

  • Dropp off : Pick up from the pier and drop off to Pisa Internation Airport or Train Station


  • Skipper, galley, fuel, embarkation and disembarkation ports and any marinas and / or extra moorings., to pay extra on the boat

  • Flights to and from Pisa

  • Travel insurance

  • Anything not listed will be charged separately

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